The Client Experience

With so many photographers to choose from, what makes a session with me stand out?

My goal as your photographer is to give you a tangible representation of your amazingly beautiful life.
I seek out your moments, big and small, the moments that happen all around you every single day, that your heart aches to cling on to.
I am not looking to produce cookie cutter images of your family all facing my camera with forced smiles across your face. I want that head thrown back in a fit of belly aching laughter, gentle embrace with your little one, heart melting look from your spouse that screams "man, our life is good" moments.
I want your messy, your truth, your crazy, your bursting at the seams with love real family moments.

This is it guys. Your right now is the good life. These are your golden years.
Document it for your family to treasure for years and years to come.

I am a photographer. But I am also so much more than that. I am a fellow Mama of two kids that I am madly in love with, but that also drive me bat sh*& crazy at times. I am over a decade deep into marriage with the one human who just may be more obsessed with our kids than I am. This is where I feel like I should add in a joke about how my husband is my third child or how he still hasn’t learned how to use a laundry basket…but that would be a lie. It’s me guys, I am the slob of my family and my husband is the laundry king.

I am your photographer. But I am also your child’s boo-boo kisser, your newborn’s eager snuggler while you grab yourself a snack mid session. I am your cheerleader encouraging you to be present over perfect during your session, soaking up time with your loved ones and documenting those moments is way more important than perfectly placed hair and the latest fashion trend.

Before your session:

I offer a custom experience and take time to plan your session with you from start to finish. I love to get to know you and your family better. Gush to me about your children, their likes and dislikes. What moments take your breath away? What are you most excited about for your photography session? What are you hesitant about?

We will work together to choose the perfect location that fits your family's style.

We can chat about outfits. I love to use my custom Pinterest board to give visual representations of colors and styles that work well together. You can even email me with outfit ideas (or Facetime me while you're out shopping!) if you're unsure or would like a second opinion. 

During your session:

My sessions are relaxed and playful. Think of this as a fun day with your family and a chance to give your little ones those extra kisses and snuggles they crave and I am just there to document it all. I love to put my camera down and talk with the kids or play in the sand with them. I want them to know that I am more than just a lady with a camera in my hand. I can play a mean game of duck duck goose and my flip flops won't stop me from winning a game of tag.

Allowing children the freedom to play, explore,  and be silly will help them feel relaxed while I capture your family'’s personality and joy.

Taking your session further:

Give your children the opportunity savor all the little details of their life in motion –imagine being able to press play and re-live a day in your life. See how their tiny fingers picked berries from the bush, the way they threw their head back when they laughed as Daddy tickled them.  Being able to see the moment a smile spreads across your child's face and way their nose scrunches up when they laugh.
Add motion to your photography session with a Family Film. Learn more here.
This is a gift to you and your children. For you to treasure for years to come.

After your session:

I love to post a few sneak peeks on social media (with your permission of course.) Waiting to see your images is so exciting!
Within 3 weeks of your session you will receive an invitation to view your private online gallery. Your gallery is set up for simple and easy downloading of your digital images as well as ordering a la carte  prints and products right from your gallery to be shipped directly to you. If your session includes a Family Film your film will also be available for download. I am always available to chat if you have any questions about your gallery or if you would like suggestions on print and canvas sizes for your wall space.

If my images and my words resonate with you, I would love to hear from you!!