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When welcoming a new baby into your family, you experience one of the most important moments of your life. Those precious first hours with your newborn are magical, and also the ones that slip by most quickly. They can be easily lost in the haze that comes with recovering from your labor and delivery. Fresh 48 newborn session are the perfect way to hold on to all of those priceless first moments forever.

Fresh 48 Newborn Photography sessions are held within the first 48 hours after delivery of your baby, whether you deliver at the hospital, a birth center, or your home.

This style of Newborn Photography is perfect for families who want the first few hours of their baby's life photographed, without having their actual labor and delivery documented.

"We cannot say enough good things about Rebecca Lynne Photography! She photographed our newborn son twice. The images from the first shoot were beautiful, and our parents loved them so much, they insisted that we try to get Rebecca to come back to capture photos of them with the baby too. During the photo shoots, she was easy and pleasant to work with, making everyone feel comfortable and totally at ease. We will definitely be calling her to capture more milestones and special occasions in the future!" -Rachel B.

Maternity and Newborn packages are available for sessions booked together.

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More Information about your Newborn Photo Session:

What is a Fresh 48 Newborn Session?
A Fresh 48 photography session is an intimate photo session within the first 48 hours after your baby’s birth, in a hospital or birthing center setting, and even a home birth. This photo session captures those very sweet first moments that you never want to forget. Dad’s first diaper change, tiny wrists wearing a hospital bracelet, and the emotional first meeting with older siblings. Let’s be honest, Mamas, these memories can quickly fade away once you return to the busyness of life at home. I would love to help document these precious moments through my photography for you and your family to treasure for years to come.

Book early
While “the earlier the better” for booking a newborn shoot is always best, if you want a hospital or home session quickly after birth, it is important to book early. I only accept a limited number of these sessions each month because there is very little leeway in completing the shoot after you give birth. I pencil in your due date and when you are in active labor you will contact me to let me know to expect the session in the next 48 hours. Don’t worry if you go early or later than your due date, that is expected and is why I only take limited sessions each month.

How long is my photo session?
The length of the session can vary. Two hours is given to all sessions should we need it. This allows for plenty of time for feeding and diaper changes. For hospital births, it also isn't uncommon for nurses or a doctor to pop in and out of the room which could put a short pause in your session. This is completely ok and expected.

Should I pack anything special in my bag to have anything on hand for the photo shoot?
If you wanted to have some cute swaddles or hats on hand, that is a great way to add pops of color and pattern into the session. Also simple and comfortable PJs for mom or a robe to put over your hospital gown is a great idea as well.

How do we plan for when you should arrive?
Your session will take place within the first 48 hours after birth. Once you have contacted me to let me know your baby has arrived, we will pick a time for me to come in. This could be the same day or the next day depending on what time you gave birth and how you are feeling.

Who can join in on the session?
A photo session right after your baby's birth is a wonderful time to capture older siblings meeting the baby for the first time. If you would like to have Grandparents join in as well, we can plan for that. The session can also be for baby only if you'd like.



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If you are looking for Hospital Newborn photography in CT at your pregnancy birth center, contact Rebecca Lynne Photography today. Rebecca Lynne is a Connecticut Newborn Photographer focusing on natural and candid newborn photography. Rebecca captures baby photos at Middlesex Hospital, in Fairfield county, New Haven County, and other connecticut hospitals. Maternity and newborn photography packages are also available.