Lifestyle photography is photography without all of the stress. 

Lifestyle photography isn't worrying about children sitting still in a small portrait studio or wrapping your newborn in a fancy costume.  I encourage children to run and play, Daddys to toss their kids into the air, and Moms to twirl in the sunlight with their daughters (and sons!).

Lifestyle Photo Sessions aren't about crossing your fingers that your children will look at the camera and smile.  They're all about enjoying your time together as a family, while I join in on the fun and take candid photographs along the way.  All of the smiles and laughs will happen naturally.

I will give gentle guidance if you're feeling nervous in front of the camera.  But honestly, the best lifestyle photos develop when you just let loose and enjoy your family!  Give hugs and kisses, pick wildflowers, splash in the ocean..

Life pulls us in so many directions, use this time to slow down and enjoy each other. 




Lifestyle Photography is all about the family connection.  The connection between you and your spouse.  The connection between both of you and your new little love.  Your photographs will be filled with gentle moments of embrace and everyday moments of swaddling and rocking.  Capturing how impossibly small they are, curled up in your arms and sprawled out on your great big bed.  All of the moments that pass in the blink of an eye.




Lifestyle Photography galleries are filled to the brim with details of your life.
From the decor in the nursery that you worked long and hard to put together (the space where you will sit quietly rocking your newborn baby at 3 am) to the throw pillows in your living room and the comforter on your bed.  These are all details that are part of your story. Details that will change slowly over time as your style changes and items grow old and need to be replaced.  Documenting your life right now through a lifestyle photography session will preserve a part of the story you will share with your family as they grow older.




Lifestyle Photography sessions are always relaxed.  Unlike heavily posed newborn photography (babies tucked into baskets and buckets or posed on blankets) where babies need to be able to sleep soundly through hours of posing; Lifestyle newborn photography doesn't require your baby to stay asleep while laying alone on a blanket.  Lifestyle photo sessions are all about swaddling and snuggles, two things most newborns crave.  Because babies don't need to be sound asleep during lifestyle sessions, they can be done after 8 days old (typically between 9 and 30 days) - which is great if you would like a little extra time to feel like yourself or to heal from a c-section.




Lifestyle photography in your own home is all about your comfort.  In-home sessions allow you to have everything you need right on hand.  No need to pack up bags filled with everything from bottles to extra clothes, and all the diapers you can cram inside.  Everything you may need will be right at arm's length. Including some hot cocoa on a chilly winter day.  Lifestyle photography sessions are easy.


Rebecca Lynne provides Lifestyle Photography across Connecticut, including:

Middlesex County, Hartford County, Litchfield County, New London County, New Haven County, Windham County, Tolland County, and Fairfield County