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Day in the Life Photography Sessions

Extraordinary photography for ordinary life

- Family, Maternity, or Newborn -

Capture the nuances of your daily life - A real life family portrait.
Because sometimes, when we are in the thick of parenting, we don't always see the beautiful. The days are long, but the years...these years are so, so short. I want to show you all of the beautiful moments that make up your life. I want to show you not only how much you love your children, but how much they love you.

I want your messy, your truth, your crazy, your bursting at the seams with love real family moments.

In-Home Family Film:


Day in the Life Photography sessions document your beautiful, ordinary, unscripted moments with your children.
The ones that pass by day after day that seem small and ordinary, but when strung together make up your family's story.

I understand the ache to want those dimples on their little fingers to stay forever, the way you hope they never outgrow grabbing your cheeks and nuzzling their nose with yours. But, as a mother myself...I also know that time doesn't slow down for any of us. Your kids grow and your heart over flows with new things to love every day. But you still ache for all the moments that have passed.

I would be honored to help you document these moments with your children, with YOU in the frame. You are part of their legacy too and you deserve to have moments with your children documented in photographs. Capturing these moments in a tangible way for you to be able to look back on years down the road. To see the way the sunlight catches on your daughter's curls through the kitchen window and be pulled right back into the sound of her laughter as she twirled in the sunlight.

What is your story? What parts of your family's story do you want to document and treasure for generations to come?
Here are some session Ideas:
Baking cookies
Board games and pizza night
Sunday morning pancakes with bedhead and jammies
Jumping through the sprinkler in the backyard and washing the car
Working on the garden


"Becky captures details that matter, without having to ask. The reason anyone hires a photographer is to capture a moment in time... Becky just somehow knows EXACTLY which moments you'd want to capture and delivers beautiful work. I recommend her to anyone and everyone I know!"
                                                                   -Lauren KB Plantsville, CT







Connecticut Documentary Family photographer, Rebecca Lynne, is an on location professional photographer specializing in Baby Photography and Child Photography in Connecticut Rebecca Lynne photographs candid and natural family photography.