I am so thrilled that you are interested in having me document such an amazing time in your life. Here are answers to some questions you may have about booking an In-home Newborn Photography Session with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you book the session with the uncertainty of an exact delivery date?

I only booked a limited number of In-home Newborn Sessions and Fresh 48 Newborn Hospital sessions each month. This allows the availability in my schedule for unpredictable delivery dates, allowing me to give family the attention the deserve.

When do we schedule our newborn session?

Booking your session with a session fees puts your due date into my calendar. When you are headed into the hospital or as soon as possible when your little babe arrives give me a call, shoot me a text, or send an email letting me know and we will pick a date and time for your photography session.

How old should my baby be for the session?

In Home Newborn sessions are typically done between 7 and 21 days after birth. This allows for wiggle room if you would like some more time to get settled in at home or time to heal after a c section. I aim to have the session within the first 12 days after birth, but that is not set in stone. Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions take place within the first 48 hours after delivery.

Where inside my home does the session take place?

I love to work in the living room, master bedroom, nursery, anywhere there are pockets of natural light. Capturing all of the fresh new moments of your baby's first days home. Close up images of their sweet face, hands, toes, but also stepping back and really getting a view of just how tiny they are in their new environment. I take the time to capture portraits of just your baby as well as lots of family moments. Lounging in a cute onsie to show off those tiny feet and hands on your great big bed or swaddled up snugly in a cute swaddle.

How do I know if my home is photography friendly

I am a Mom of two kiddos myself and I have a laundry basket that sits at the top of my stairs that never manages to be put away. We just pick out of it as needed. No, really. It is blue, about 3 feet tall and full of socks.

Clean your home as if you're having a friend over. Please don't feel the need to wash curtains and scrub walls. Toss those dishes in the dishwasher, push your laundry basket to the side, and let's have some fun! I will move things out of view if needed as we move throughout your home. These images are focused on you and your baby. Not the dust bunny hiding under the sofa.

Are you worried about the natural lighting in your home? I have photographed in two bedroom apartments and I have photographed in large homes. I seek out pockets of natural light which can be found in every home.

How do you even get a newborn to cooperate for photos anyway?

Your session moves with the flow of your baby and their needs. You will be in your own space with plenty of time for diaper changes, feedings, and snuggles. There are times when I put my camera down and just snuggle your baby. Or chat with you while they are feeding. There may also be times where I am photographing just your little babe snoozing soundly on your bed, please feel free to sneak away to the kitchen for an extra coffee or to relax on your couch with your spouse. Lifestyle newborn photography allows for your baby to get snuggles in your arms and be swaddled if that is what they prefer. There is no pressure for them to snooze soundly while being posed alone on a bean bag.

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

The word I think of is home. Your home. In-home Newborn Lifestyle Photography sessions are about capturing these first moments with your sweet new baby, in the comfort of your own home. Each image bursting at the seams with love and family connection.

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Personal style.

These images are filled to the brim with details of your life. From the decor in the nursey that you worked long and hard to put together. Picking out the perfect colors and details. The space where you will sit quietly (sometimes not so quietly) rocking your newborn baby at 3 am.
To the throw pillows in your living room and the comforter on your bed.

These are all details that are part of your story. Details that will change slowly over time as your style changes or you move into a new home. Documenting your life right now is part of the story you will share with your baby as they grow older.

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Family connection.

This is all about the family connection. The connection between you and your spouse. The connection between both of you and your new little love. Your photographs will be filled with gentle moments of embrace and everyday moments of swaddling and soothing. Capturing how impossibly small they are, curled up in your arms and sprawled out on your great big bed. All of the moments that pass in the blink of an eye.
Simply soaking up your time together while I am there to document it all.


The comfort of your own home is the perfect space for older siblings. Wiggly toddlers aren't expected to sit still inside of a studio. They will be surrounded by their favorite toys, they can share their favorite book with their new sibling, and be able to raid the snack cabinet whenever the mood strikes.



There is no rush to get the session done immediately as would be with heavily posed Newborn Photography (babies tucked into baskets and buckets or posed on blankets with backdrops) where you baby would need to be 8 days old or less so they are extra sleepy. Hoping that they will sleep soundly through all of the of posing.

My newborn photography style doesn't require your baby to stay asleep while laying alone on a blanket. My sessions are all about swaddling and snuggles. Two things newborns crave. And because babies aren't needing to be sound asleep during these sessions, they can be done after 8 days old (typically between 7 and 21 days). Which is great if you would like a little extra time to settle in at home or to heal from a c-section.


Being in your own home allows you to have everything you need right on hand. No need to pack up bags filled with everything you can think of, from bottles to extra clothes and all the diapers you can cram inside. Everything you may need for your baby and yourself will be right at arm's length.

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