Client Guide
 Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions | Rebecca Lynne Photography


Your Session:

I will take your baby’s lead and allow them to be the focus of the shoot. If your baby cries, or needs a diaper change, it’s okay. It's not "wasting time" or taking away from anything. It's your beautiful new life. Just focus on loving and cuddling with your sweet baby and I will take care of the rest.

Having swaddles on hand is a great way to add some color into the photos. These can be basic and simple in color, or bold and vibrant. I love incorporating your family's person style into your images.

If older siblings are joining on on the photography session, it is a great idea to have an extra set of hands (outside of you and your spouse) to bring them into the room towards the end of the photography session. This allows time to focus on images of just baby and also capture siblings coming into the room for snuggles, maybe even meeting their new sibling for the first time!

When your little one has arrived, you can email me, call, or text. Please be sure to do this as soon as possible. It is even great to give me a heads up email/call/text when you're in labor so I have a bit of notice. Mama of two over here, labor is crazy. Please don't stress. Just be in touch as soon as you're able

If capturing tasteful images of breastfeeding during our session is something you would like, please let me know. These moments are fleeting and I would love to capture that for you. 

What should we wear?

My number one tip (besides being comfy)...don't be matchy-matchy!
Placing  every single person in a white t shirt and jeans looks to planned and "stiff". 
Neutrals photograph beautifully. I suggest avoiding lettering or everyone in busy patterns for this type of session. It can be distracting in the image. The whole family in varying neutrals shades always looks great. Or one family member having a pop of color or pattern while everyone else is in complementing neutral tones. For your baby a simple well fitting onesie works best.
For Mama, keep in mind the gown provided by the hospital may not be the best for photographs. Comfy pajamas or a colorful robe work well. I have put together a Pinterest board with some images that help give a visual of colors and styles that work well during a Fresh 48 Session: Fresh 48 Pinterest Board

Do you use props or specialize in stylized newborn poses?

The style of newborn photography that I specialize in is "lifestyle" Rather than posed newborn shots, I love to capture the natural relationship between you and your sweet new baby. This doesn’t mean that I won’t take individual photographs of your baby and capture great detail shots of their little toes and fingers, there will be time for those images as well. I am drawn to the connection of parents with their new baby. The kisses and cuddles. The joy of new parenthood. That is what I am looking to capture during our session together.

I also want to capture all of the nuances of your birth space. Hospital bracelets, bassinets, the atmosphere brimming with the excitement of bringing a baby into the world. 

I never want you to feel pressured to perform or be forced to give me fake smiles.
I will guide you a small amount at first as you are warming up to having a camera on you, but honestly within the first few minutes we will be chatting, snapping photos, laughing and having fun.

Are you adding on a family film to your session? if so please read this information, if not please move ahead to "after your session"

During the session, because I am taking film and I sometimes like to snag cute audio moments to add into the film, I have to be pretty quiet some during parts of the session. Which if you know me, you know how hard that is! I love chatting.
I will give gentle guidance if needed. Or if I feel we have enough of a particular moment, I will let you know so we can fit in even more cute stuff, so please don't think you are doing anything wrong if I suggest moving on to something else. It just means you guys rocked it and we can move on.

Something I just like to mention...during photography sessions sometimes parents like to make big expressions with their facial features to get kids to laugh (if there are older siblings joining in) or because let's face it, at first it may feel a little weird knowing I am filming you, so you may not know what to do right away so you may feel the need to chat a lot or aren't sure where to look. Focus your attention on holding your sweet baby, giving them kisses, gently rubbing their cheek. You can't do anything "wrong" during a film session by loving on your babe! During a film there is no "before: crazy face" "after: cute photo of a baby smiles" it is just alllllll right there for the world to see crazy face included. While being silly is SO part of family life and a wonderful thing to capture, being overly expressive the whole session won't translate into film very well. And remember, this session isn't about nailing that perfect "cheese" face. It is all about enjoying your time together. The smiles will happen naturally.

During the session there will be moments that I am taking detail shots to capture the details of your day. From close ups of the hospital bracelets, to cute signs on the wall,and even  scenery out the window, so if my back is to you and I am aiming my camera at the wall, I promise I am not going crazy, it just means I am capturing what is called "B roll" - the little bits of details of your day. 


After your session: 

About three weeks after your session, your images will be fully edited for you to view in an online password protected gallery.
After your order is placed your purchased digital images will be a available for immediate download and your purchased prints and products will be shipped directly to you.
You  have the option of ordering a la carte prints, canvas', and products straight from your gallery, from a professional, high quality printing lab.
If you are opting to print your images at another print lab other than the one connected to your gallery, I strongly suggest you do research into finding one with high quality to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Using a high quality print lab is an extremely important part of this process.

As mentioned, the print lab connected right to your gallery is a print lab used by professionals all over the globe. Is is the print lab I personally use for all of my own family's printing needs. I have even taken the extra step and submitted my own images to ensure the printing lab is calibrated to be in sync with my photography editing software to get color correct prints in high quality. 

Along with your high resolution images you will receive lower resolution images perfectly sized for social media sharing. Those social media sized images will also be in a personalized smartphone app for you to download and have access to your gallery right from your phone! Perfect for social media sharing along with showing off your gallery right from your phone while you are out with friends and family.


I have provided you with the highest quality images possible and cropped and colored them how I believe they will print the best.  Some images (particularly those shot in low light) may have visible digital noise when enlarged too much. This is normal, but may not be aesthetic. In those cases, black and white might be a better option. As always, do not let labs auto-color correct your prints. When printed, your images may not match what you see on your computer screen if your monitor is not professionally calibrated.


Download your purchased digital images immediately. Make copies of your files and save to an external hard-drive and/or in multiple locations. Even store one in a safety deposit box. I can’t guarantee the ability to replace lost or damaged files. Your final images are backed-up by me for a period of twelve (12) months.

I can not wait to meet everyone!