connecticut engagement photography 

 Your session:

My lifestyle approach to photography sessions take on a natural "posed" approach, bringing out your real emotions and natural moments. I won't ask you to look at my camera and "say cheese!" But there is a pretty good chance I will crack a few corny jokes or ask you to do something super silly. It isn't the "silly" moment I am looking to capture, is the the natural laugh that happens after.

Basically we just have a lot of fun while you guys be really adorable together.

There is no pressure to perform for my camera. We are there to document your love for each other. 
Enjoy each other's company.
Just relax and love on each other and I will take care of the rest. 

-What if I don't know what to do when the camera is on me?

So, maybe you are worried you won't know where to place your hands or how to stand. When the session is flowing everything will happen naturally.  You will be interacting with each other, loving on each other. Those moments that happen naturally are so, so much better than studio lighting and a whole bunch of stiff poses. Have fun with it! Move around. Explore your environment. 


My number one tip (besides being comfy)...don't be matchy-matchy!
Placing  every single person in a white t shirt and jeans looks to planned and "stiff". Mix and match colors, throw in a bit of pattern, pop some colors from one outfit into another with the use of a scarf or necklace, have fun with it!
I suggest thinking about the type of scenery we will be in. Will there be lots of green foliage around? If so, try to avoid green. How about if we are at the beach? White tends to get lost in all of the tan sand and light blue water, so I suggest avoiding lots of white. When at the beach, throwing in pops of color with summer yellows, pinks, and teal is great. Yellows, blues, and maroons pop nicely when surrounded by greenery and in the Fall time.
Patterns can be distracting if everyone is wearing them. One person in a pattern with everyone else wearing solids in complementary color shades looks wonderful. You can even use accessory with pieces such as necklaces or scarves to pull a color from one person's outfit into another outfit.

I have some What To Wear boards put together on Pinterest with some examples of putting colors and patterns together: What To Wear.  
If at any point you have any questions, or you'd like to snap a few photos of the outfits you are thinking about, feel free to send me an email! I'd love to help.


I will make a call on the day of the session (or the night before if it is an early morning session) Weather tends to move back and fourth and I wouldn't want to jump the gun on a reschedule. If the weather is calling for a wash out, we will reschedule the session. However it does not have to be bright and sunny outside for the session. Moody storm clouds are actually some of my favorite conditions to shoot in!


I understand that life sometimes gets in the way of our plans-- people get sick, unexpected things happen, and you may have to cancel our session. I just ask that you try to give me 24 hours notice if at all possible. We will then find a date to re-schedule. Don't stress!


 During your Session:

When we meet for our session, I like to chat  for a bit before I begin shooting.  Once everyone is more familiar with each other I will begin photographing. 

With all of my sessions, I never expect everyone to be looking at the camera and smiling to have the "perfect portrait." If it happens naturally I will absolutely capture it.. I encourage connection  with and loving each other's company. I will be moving all around, capturing different views, close ups and pull backs. I have a knack for anticipating a moment just before it happens and capturing the moment at hand.

I never want you to feel pressured to perform or be forced to give me fake smiles.

I will guide you a small amount at first as you are warming up to having a camera on you, but honestly within the first few minutes we will be chatting, snapping photos, laughing and having fun. When there is no pressure to pose yourself and fake the perfect smile, when your time in front of the camera is spent genuinely having fun with your loved one...your beauty shines. 

After your session: 

You will leave our session feeling like you just had a fun afternoon with your spouse, and a photographer happened to be there to capture timeless moments for you.
I can't count how many times couples have contacted me after their thanking me for how easy and stress free their photography session was. 

About three weeks after your session, your images will be fully edited for you to view in an online password protected gallery.
Your ordering gallery will remain open for 1 week to place your order. If you need to extend the gallery past 7 days, a $50 un-archival fee will apply.
After your order is placed your purchased digital images will be a available for immediate download and your purchased prints and products will be shipped directly to you.
You  have the option of ordering a la carte prints, canvas', and products straight from your gallery, from a professional, high quality printing lab.
If you are opting to print your images at another print lab other than the one connected to your gallery, I strongly suggest you do research into finding one with high quality to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Using a high quality print lab is an extremely important part of this process.

As mentioned, the print lab connected right to your gallery is a print lab used by professionals all over the globe. Is is the print lab I personally use for all of my own family's printing needs. I have even taken the extra step and submitted my own images to ensure the printing lab is calibrated to be in sync with my photography editing software to get color correct prints in high quality. 

Along with your high resolution images you will receive lower resolution images perfectly sized for social media sharing. Those social media sized images will also be in a personalized smartphone app for you to download and have access to your gallery right from your phone! Perfect for social media sharing along with showing off your gallery right from your phone while you are out with friends and family.


I have provided you with the highest quality images possible, edited how I believe they will print the best.  Some images (particularly those shot in low light) may have visible digital noise when enlarged too much. This is normal, but may not be aesthetic. In those cases, black and white might be a better option. As always, do not let labs auto-color correct your prints. When printed, your images may not match what you see on your computer screen if your monitor is not professionally calibrated.


Download your purchased digital images immediately. Make copies of your files and save to an external hard-drive and in multiple locations. Even store one in a safety deposit box. I can’t guarantee the ability to replace lost or damaged files. Your final images are backed-up by me for a period of twelve (12) months.

I can not wait to meet everyone!