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Before Delivery:

I will be on call for your birth starting at 39 weeks up until your baby arrives. As we know, babies have their own set of rules and can come at any time so during this time I will have my cell phone turned up, my gear packed and will be ready to go at any time. I don’t travel during this time and I also do not book any of special events.

I am ready to go! Now, it's your job to let me know as soon as you're officially in labor. You can delegate this job to another trustworthy, non-flustered individual... you and your significant other may just be a little busy.

Contact: I ask that you contact me as soon as you are headed to the hospital or as soon as you contact your midwife.
I then ask that you keep me up to date with the progress of your labor after your initial contact, so I can prepare to head that way when the time is right, which is when you reach 5-6cm. I require the first contact of active delivery to be a phone call. This way I can assure you that I got your message and we spoke, especially if it is late at night. After that, I do not mind getting text messages with updates. I know births can be distracting, so if you want to, I recommend having someone be your designated update deliverer, that way you can focus on your delivery and not worry about if you called me or not.

Have your birthing center informed: I often get caught up with getting into a birth center at night because I am not on the list of approved visitors ahead of time. Since birth photography is still relatively new, some centers do not have experience with photographers just yet. Letting your center and your doctor know ahead of time makes things run as smooth as possible with assuring I get up to your room quickly.

Know that births are unexpected: Some mothers deliver in 3 hours, some in 36 hours. Birth itself is a miraculous things, and thus so, very unexpected. I cover as much of your birth story as I can, but there are some circumstances that may prevent me from being in the room, such as if photography is not allowed in the OR during a c section. Also, I will not do anything that you do not want me to do. If there is any point you would like me to step out of the room, please let me know.

I will be there for the duration of labor until you get to meet your little babe. I will stay for about an hour after birth, to photograph your first moments with your sweet baby.

Please be sure to have my cell phone saved in your phone and also given to any of your contacts that may be reaching out to me when you are in labor. 860-946-9833

During Labor:

During your session, I strive to listen and watch while capturing the moments as they unfold without being intrusive. Of course, I am sure that we will build a bond over the next few months and I will be there as a positive support person without getting in the way of doctors/midwives/nurses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I give birth prematurely?

I will do my absolute best to be at your labor despite not being on-call. If I am able to come, I will of course be sensitive to the situation at hand and capture as much as I possibly can. If I were to miss your birth, it is possible to use your birth photography investment as a credit towards a newborn session, or any other type of portrait session that I offer.

What if you can’t make the birth?

In the unlikely situation that I was to miss your birth during the time in which I am on-call, you can use your birth photography investment as a credit towards any other type of baby or family session I offer. I take lots of steps to ensure my availability, not taking vacations or booking any other events while I am on call for you birth, but of course an unexpected emergency on my end could happen.

Will I have to get approval from my hospital?

Please discuss this process with your doctor or midwife. Some hospitals are more strict than others regarding photographing an actual birth in their facility.

Do you use a flash?

Lighting during birth is generally low and this affects the quality of images, such that they can appear grainy and sometimes soft. This is common and normal and part of the birthing story. Flash is used on an ‘as needed’ basis. I only use flash in very low-light situations, as it ensures I capture all images if I feel like it is too dark for my camera's abilities. Rarely ever does this situation happen though. I use all professional grade equipment from Nikon and Sigma, so I have full trust in my equipment's abilities. I do bring an external flash with me to births, but I rarely use it, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I love to capture the true atmosphere of births to help tell an accurate picture story of your experience, which I do not feel like flash does.

What kind of photos do you take at birth sessions?

I typically do documentary-style photographs. In other words, very little -- if any -- posing. Just raw emotions and moments as they happen. As for types of photographs I take during birthing session, everyone's preferences vary. We can discuss what kinds of photographs you feel comfortable with and go from there.

Will you post the photos on the internet?

I will post photos, modestly of course. I will not post anything you’re uncomfortable with.

What if I have a C-section?

I am always open to shooting any birth, no matter the circumstance. This being said, this is something you would need to speak with your doctor/midwife about, as there may be limitations with my being in the OR.

After your session: 

48 hour after you session, I will have some high light images in a private online gallery, for you to choose a handful of favorite images. I will then use those favorite images to create a birth announcement that you will be able to share on social media with your friends and family.

About two weeks after your session, your images will be fully edited for you to view in an online password protected gallery. Your purchased digital images will be a available for immediate download and your purchased prints and products will be shipped directly to you.

You  have the option of ordering a la carte prints, canvas', and products straight from your gallery, from a professional, high quality printing lab.
If you are opting to print your images at another print lab other than the one connected to your gallery, I strongly suggest you do research into finding one with high quality to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Using a high quality print lab is an extremely important part of this process.

As mentioned, the print lab connected right to your gallery is a print lab used by professionals all over the globe. Is is the print lab I personally use for all of my own family's printing needs. I have even taken the extra step and submitted my own images to ensure the printing lab is calibrated to be in sync with my photography editing software to get color correct prints in high quality. 

Along with your high resolution images you will receive lower resolution images perfectly sized for social media sharing. Those social media sized images will also be in a personalized smartphone app for you to download and have access to your gallery right from your phone! Perfect for social media sharing along with showing off your gallery right from your phone while you are out with friends and family.


I have provided you with the highest quality images possible and cropped and colored them how I believe they will print the best.  Some images (particularly those shot in low light) may have visible digital noise when enlarged too much. This is normal, but may not be aesthetic. In those cases, black and white might be a better option. As always, do not let labs auto-color correct your prints. When printed, your images may not match what you see on your computer screen if your monitor is not professionally calibrated.


Download your purchased digital images immediately. Make copies of your files and save to an external hard-drive and/or in multiple locations. Even store one in a safety deposit box. I can’t guarantee the ability to replace lost or damaged files. Your final images are backed-up by me for a period of 3 months.