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West Hartford CT Mommy and Me Documentary Photography Session

Sometimes us Mamas just don't have enough arms to hold all of our babies all at once. But boy do we try. And we know that our hearts are always big enough.

This West Hartford, CT family invited me into their home to capture a morning in their life. Time with Mom after Dad has left for work.
We spent time dancing to their favorite music, running from the living room to the playroom and back again and, jumping on Mom and Dads bed.

The two big kids showed me their favorite things in their bedrooms. Their faces lit up when they were able to show me around, all of my attention only on them. Children are always so proud to show off their room, a space they call their own. The are proud to show off their art work and their favorite stuffed animals.

After a snack break and some tea time the session ended with big brother and sister giving a helping hand to give baby sister a tub in the kitchen sink.
Our whole morning was spent laughing and playing, with Mom and her children just being themselves and enjoying each others company. 

Documentary photography sessions hold such a special place in my heart. Documenting the art work on the walls, the favorite toys that are sure to change as the years pass by and the time spent together making memories.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the CT family documentary photography session: