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Lifestyle family photo session at the beach in Connecticut

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I can’t believe Summer photography sessions at the beach are coming to an end here in Connecticut. I swear each summer flies by faster than the last.

I met this fun family at one of my favorite photo session locations on the CT shoreline on a beautiful warm evening, just before sunset. I love allowing families the space to soak up each other’s company and enjoy their time together. Walking along the beach, being silly and just having fun.

CT family photo session
CT portrait photography with older children
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Throw in a little goofiness and a whole lot of laughter with those child portraits, real smiles are so much better than “cheese” faces.

Connecticut mommy and me photography

Photographing Moms alone with their children is a favorite of mine. So often Moms are the ones behind the camera capturing their family and documenting their memories. I love to get Mamas in the frame with their children, because you were there too Mama! You were making memories with them. Let me capture the love you have for your children, with you in the frame.

Connecticut lifestyle family photographer
Mother and son photography in CT

I spun around and saw this adorable moment unfolding between Mom and her little boy. I don’t even think Mom was aware that I was snapping away, and it has become one of my favorite moments from their family photography session. In the blink of an eye she is going to be looking up at him.

candid family photographer in Connecticut
brother and sister portrait in CT
Wedding anniversary photography Connecticut

I love to make sure to capture Mom and Dad alone, together during family photo sessions. The love between parents is where this all started, and it deserves to be documented. Plus, I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t wish they had more photographs of their parents. Moms and Dads, your relationship together is such an important part of your family’s story, make sure you take a moment to celebrate you! Your children will thank you.

Connecticut family photography on the beach
CT lifestyle photographer at the ocean
brother and sister portrait Connecticut
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CT child photographer
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When Mom really wants a portrait of her two children together, so they suck it up and love on each other for some sibling photos together.

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Middlesex County CT Photographer | Connecticut Candid Family Photography

Candid Family Portraits

Middlesex County, CT - Rebecca Lynne Photography

Connecticut Family Photographer

connecticut family photography with older children

Amy ‘s son enlisted in The Air Force and would be leaving shortly. Amy reached out to me to photographer her family all together before his departure. I knew right away that beyond just fun portraits, I wanted to capture them truly enjoying each other. Laughing, having fun, and spending time together.

We decided heading into the woods for a family hike would be a great way to have a fun photo session.
Middlesex County has wonderful state parks and lovely forests for hiking. We lucked out with a warm sunny day, perfect for being outside.

candid family photography CT
candid photography Connecticut
lifestyle family photography connecticut. family with older children hiking in woods.

During the hike we played what I call “The Picnic Game” One person starts by saying “I am going on a picnic and I will bring…” and they answer with something starting with the letter A. The next person says “I am going on a picnic and I am going to bring” and they answer with the letter A word previously mentioned and then their own letter B word. The game continues from family member to family member making your way through the whole alphabet.

A little bit corny? Maybe? But playing a silly game while hiking was the perfect was to facilitate conversation and get some awesome candid smiles to show off this family’s lighthearted bond with each other.

lifestyle family photographer connecticut.

See those free images above? I call those my “Dad joke” series. We stopped in a larger clearing during the woods and I knew I needed to document how fun this family is, so I challenged their Dad tell his wife and children the corniest joke he could think of. Which they all quickly informed me that corny jokes were his specialty.

lifestyle sibling photography CT
candid photographer Connecticut
lifestyle family portraits CT
candid photographer CT. husband and wife laughing during family hike in middlesex county CT

Capturing photographs of Moms and Dads alone during family photography sessions is something I always aim to do. Even with older children, it can be rare for Mom and Dad to take the time to get portraits of them alone. What a great gift to pass down to your children! I know more photographs of my own parents together is something I wish I had.

connecticut family photographer. documentary photography CT

We were disappointed to see what should have been a good flowing waterfall to be just the tiniest trickle. But this brother and sister due didn’t hesitate to challenge each other to climb to the top.

connecticut lifestyle photography
lifestyle family portraits connecticut
fun family photographer connecticut

After we made our way back out of the woods, we walked to the other side of the park to take some fun candid family portraits.

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CT lifestyle family photographer, Rebecca Lynne specializes in candid family photography throughout all of Connecticut. Documenting the love and connection being parents and their children with natural and fun portraits.

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