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newborn girl sleeping in Moms arms during ct newborn photography session

At home newborn photography sessions are an absolute joy. Settling in at home after the birth of your baby is one of those milestones with your children that fly by so fast. I love to capture these moments for Connecticut families.

I was invited into this sweet little family’s home located in Ellington, CT to capture life with their new baby girl.
Her nursery was just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. From the bold pink floral crib sheets to the darling woodland animal themed framed pictures.

I love that a newborn photo session in your home allows for the family pet to join in on the photos as well. Their adorable pup, Winnie was so excited to be part of the family photographs.


Connecticut Birth Photographer, Rebecca Lynne specializing in at home births and hospital birth photography throughout all of CT.

If you are a Connecticut mother expecting the birth of your baby soon please contact Rebecca today for talk about her CT newborn photography prices.

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Connecticut Birth Photography | How to Hire a Birth Photographer

CT Birth Photographer

Connecticut Newborn and Birth Photography

husband supporting wife while she is in labor at connecticut hospital. CT birth photography

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now is the time you’ll start dreaming about what the future holds and planning for all of the things that need to be done. One of those things should be hiring a Connecticut birth photographer. Hiring a CT birth photographer is an investment you will not regret. Photographs of your child’s birth will show you the moment you fell in love with them. It will remind you of the support that your spouse provided you during your labor, and it will show you your own strength you had during each contraction as you brought your new baby earthside.

husband providing support to his wife while she is in labor. Connecticut birth photography

You may have never hired a birth photographer before. It is important to choose your photographer based on their photo style, personality and your comfort level. You should also feel a connection with your birth photographer as they will be with you during a very intimate and personal moment in your life. Feeling connected will help ease any concerns you may have beforehand with having a “stranger” in your birth space.

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new mom meeting newborn baby for first time after delivery. hartford hospital birth photographer
connecticut birth photographer.
birth photographer connecticut.
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One thing I will say is that you should not base your decision solely on price ( as in “you get what you pay for”) A budget absolutely does play a role for a lot of people. However choosing a photographer only because they have the lowest price may not be in your best interest. Hiring a CT birth photographer who is experienced in photographing in many settings including hospitals and in homes for home births, where lighting can be dark and tricky but knows their camera inside and out to produce professional images is extremely important. It is an investment and one that is well worth it.

As your birth photographer, I aim to blend in to your birth team, allowing your birth to take center stage. I capture what I need to capture while respecting the work of your care providers and the sacredness of your birth space.

The first important consideration before you even start looking for a birth photographer is to discuss your wishes for photography at your birth with your doctor or midwife. It is important that you care provider is on board. He or she will often determine whether a photographer can be in the room and what can (or cannot) be photographed.

- FAQ -

Is birth photography intrusive?

No! As a birth photographer who serves Connecticut, I do so with respect for my clients and the staff that will be in your birth space. I come from a “fly on the wall” stand point, documenting and watching your story unfold as it happens naturally. There are no posed or set up shots.

When do you home to my birth space and how long do you stay after I have delivered my baby?

I arrive at your birth at active labor, around 6cm and contractions being 4-5 mins apart and consistent. Every birth is unique and I rely on my clients keeping me informed, up to date and in the loop. I am with you for the long haul, from active labor until your baby is born. I stay for 1 - 2 hours after delivery to capture your first moments of bonding as well as your baby being weighed and even bathed for the first time.

What if I would prefer to be more modest?

Then that is the perspective I shoot from. I would never take any shots you were not comfortable with. We go over all of this during our consultation in detail.

When will I receive my images?

Your final gallery of edited images is typically delivered 4-6 weeks after your birth. I do edit a handful of preview images shortly after I leave your birth, for you to share with friends and family.

Let’s chat about your hopes and desires for documenting your baby’s birth through birth photography