Rustic Wedding Decor DIY for Intimate Backyard Weddings

DIY rustic wedding decor

A rustic backyard wedding is a perfect way to invite your guests into an intimate space that is uniquely you.

The bride, Abby, for this Clinton, CT backyard wedding not only made the rustic decor details for her big day, but she actually built these amazing wood pieces you see in this post. No, like really. While planning her big day she also found the time to build things.
She even made these pieces using free scrap wood someone local was looking to toss out. Total life goals.

You can check out more of Abby's work at Saplings Woodwork & Design.

Imagine exchanging your vows in front of this stunning altar with doors made up of reclaimed wood. The cascading flowers added an elegant touch.

refurbished wood altar rustic wedding decor DIY

You can entertain your wedding guests with a few rounds of Giant Jenga. Guaranteed for some laughs and fun competition. 

giant jenga rustic wedding yard games

Donuts and homemade apple pie are a great touch to end the evening on a sweet note. Adding homemade baked goods is lovely personal touch.

apple pie and donut rustic wedding decor

Small white pumpkin centerpieces are such an elegant touch and work wonderfully alongside the vibrant orange and red of Fall.

fall rusttic wedding decor with white pumpkins

Apples are a lovely Fall element that often gets overlooked with wedding decor. Try pairing apples cascading down a statement piece made of refurbished wood alongside self-serve cold cider bar.

apple themed rustic wedding decor

Olive oil looks dressed up when placed into small glass jugs and paired with spices such as rosemary. Add a personal touch with hand stamped wooden labels. A perfect "thank you" for your guests to take home.

olive oil diy rustic wedding decor guest gifts

Use large pumpkins to create jack-o-lanterns that have the Bride and Grooms initials carved into them. Smaller pumpkins make for a great Fall touch in this DIY "photo booth" area. Complete with a crate of glow stick accessories for guests to have fun with late into the evening.

carved pumpkins and hay rustic wedding decor
















































Connecticut Intimate Wedding Photographer, Rebecca Lynne Photography specialized in small Backyard Weddings throughout CT.

Backyard Wedding Tips

low key intimate backyard wedding

A familiar space, filled with close family and friends, celebrating your wedding day.

This intimate backyard wedding was photographed by Rebecca Lynne Photography in Clinton, CT. The marsh backdrop and DIY decore was icing on the cake to all of the love felt by friends and family.

Are you planning an intimate backyard wedding? Here are a few tips for small backyard weddings.

Ok let's just get this one out of the way.
RESTROOMS. Typically one bathroom per every 50 guests is enough. But do you want that bathroom to be inside your home? That could absolutely be an option, especially if you're planning a small guest list. However, you may want to consider a Port-a-potty to avoid the heavy traffic going into your home.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING. Toward the end of your wedding day, the sun will have dipped below the horizon and your guests (and you) will be left in the dark. You will want to make sure guests and vendors can make their way around the property safely. It is easy to light this inside of your tent with the white walls of the tent helping to reflect even more light. Getting additional landscape lighting for outside of the tent to guide the way to restrooms and cars is also a must.

PARKING. Speaking of cars. Your guests will need a place to park. Keep in mind that some counties actually require a permit for parking a large number of cars on the street. You may want to consider hiring a valet service to help out for the evening.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN INDOOR OPTION. No one wants to think about rain on their wedding day. But make sure you don't skip over this detail. A great option is renting a tent. Getting a larger tent than you think you'll need will allow for more room to move around and feel comfortable should everyone need to take cover. 

WARM WEATHER. If you are planning your small wedding during the warm months make sure you take some extra steps to ensure your guests are comfortable. Think about having some small buckets filled with small fans, sunscreen, and bug spray. 

COLD WEATHER. If you are planning to have your small wedding during the Fall where the temperature may drop when the sun goes down, it would be a good idea to look into a rental company that provides portable heaters. You can also have small crates will soft blankets and scarves for your guests to wear. 

PARTY POOPERS. Make sure you check with your town about the noise ordinance rules if you have neighbors close by. There might be a cutoff time when a band or DJ needs to stop playing. It can even be a good idea to inform your neighbors ahead of time, they may be a little more understanding if they were given a heads up, maybe even walk a drink over during the night.

DECORE. Are you crafty? Gather up some friends and have a crafting night. Everyone can enjoy their time together and put together some lovely decor for your wedding day. Special homemade touches are a great way to incorporate your style and an intimate feel.

Planning an intimate wedding doesn't necessarily mean less work than a big extravagant wedding. But the benefits of having everyone close by throughout your night where you can easily mingle and enjoy the company of all of your guests is totally worth it.

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Intimate backyard wedding photography in Connecticut with Rebecca Lynne Photography