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In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography is the right choice for your family if you crave photographs filled with emotion and family connection...

You see newborn babies tucked into baskets, placed in unnatural poses, and surrounded by props that are distracting you from the focus of the image...your baby.
And those images just don't speak to you.

You crave capturing the instant bond you have with this impossibly small person, who you just met and yet your heart has never been more bursting with love.
You want to capture moments in the nursery you have planned and prepped and worked on for weeks to make just perfect.
You want to document how perfectly your baby fits in the nook of your arm.
And you want your images filled with family moments, the love you have for your baby taking center stage.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography is the right choice for your family if your little love has an older sibling and sitting still inside of a studio is the furthest thing from typical for them (hello...Mom of two over here!)
-Staying in the comfort of your own home allows older siblings to play with their toys, have a dance party in the living room, and have a favorite snack. Older siblings love showing off their bedroom to me for a little one on one time, their personal space filled with all of their favorite things.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography is the right choice for your family if the thought of packing up your newborn baby and this new, forever overstuffed diaper bag, filled with all the things you could end up needing during the photography session... makes you exhausted.
-Staying in the comfort of your own home allows you to have everything you need, right at hand without packing it all up.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography is the right choice for your family if you don't want to feel pressured to get the session done within the first 8 days after birth.
-For strict posing during newborn sessions, babies need to be very sleepy and typically require the session to be completed before the baby is 9 days old. I have had families come to me in the past because their photographer told them their baby was "too old" to be photographed! My Lifestyle Newborn Photography allows you extra time to adjust, find a little routine in your day, and feel a bit more like yourself. Your session with me can be scheduled anywhere within the first month. This is wonderful for Mom's who have had a c-section. The healing time after having a c-section is never something that should be rushed in order to pack up and head out the door to a studio. We can schedule your newborn session when you are feeling like yourself again. If circumstances arise for your family that cause difficulty scheduling within the first month after birth, no worries! We will schedule your session when you are ready. I also photograph preterm babies in the NICU.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography is the right choice for your family if you would like to include your pets.
-I love when pups join in on the photos and when kittens come check out the scene and join in photos as well.

Does a Lifestyle Newborn Photography sound right for your family? Great! I would love to chat with you about booking your session.

A little more information on your In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session:

Where will we shoot?

I typically focus on the nursery, master bedroom, and living room.
Please don't worry about your home being magazine ready. Toss the sink full of dishes into the dishwasher, shove the laundry basket into the closet, and relax! Your session will be focusing on your family, not on the nooks and crannies of your home.

When I arrive at your home I'll take a moment to look around and scope out the areas in your home with the best lighting. I have done newborn sessions in homes with great big windows and lots of light pouring in and I have photographed newborn sessions in apartments with a single window in the living room, so please don't worry if you think your home isn't bright enough. 

How can I help my baby be cooperative during the shoot?

I am pretty sure your idea of cooperative and mine are different. Newborns are unpredictable. My newborn sessions have plenty of time for changes, feedings, and so much snuggling. It is usually a good idea to try and feed your baby right before the session, but please don't stress too much about that. I encourage snuggles and swaddling, two things newborns crave for comfort. If capturing tasteful images of breastfeeding during our session is something you would like, please let me know. These moments are fleeting and I would love to capture that for you. 

What should we wear?

Neutrals photograph beautifully. I suggest avoiding lettering or everyone in busy patterns for this type of session. It can be distracting in the image. The whole family in varying neutrals shades always looks great. You can add pops of color to your outfit, if you wish, by using jewelry or accessories. Or one family member having a pop of color or pattern while everyone else is in complementing neutral tones. For your baby a simple well fitting onesie works best. You can get together fun colored swaddle blankets to add color as well to have handy during the session. I have put together a Pinterest board with some images that help give a visual of colors and styles that work well during a newborn session: Newborn Pinterest Board

Do you use props or specialize in stylized newborn poses?

The style of newborn photography that I specialize in is "lifestyle sessions." Rather than posed newborn shots, I love to capture the natural relationship between you and your new baby. This doesn’t mean that I won’t take individual photographs of your baby and capture great detail shots of their little toes and fingers, there will be time for those images as well. I am drawn to the connection of parents with their new baby. The kisses and cuddles. The joy of new parenthood. That is what I am looking to capture during our session together.

What can I do to prepare for the session?

Moms tend to stress out because this is a new experience and because they want things to be “perfect.” I will take your baby’s lead and allow them to be the focus of the shoot. If your baby cries, or needs a diaper change, it’s okay. It's not "wasting time" or taking away from anything. It's your beautiful new life. Just focus on loving and cuddling with your sweet baby and I will take care of the rest.
Grab yourself a cup of coffee and love on your family ... I'll take care of the rest.

Ready to book your Lifestyle Newborn Session?
I'd love to hear from you!

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