Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Your Home

lifestyle newborn photography in front of family's home

Lifestyle Newborn Photography in your home is a wonderful way to capture your baby's first moments in their new world.

Lifestyle newborn photography is different than studio/posed newborn photography. It is more simplistic and free flowing, focusing around your baby's schedule. The session allows for plenty of time for feeding and changing. Lots of snuggles and swaddling. 

A question I get asked a lot is if there is an age limit for lifestyle newborn photography. The relaxed style of lifestyle newborn sessions don't require your infant to be less than 8 days old, as they would need to be for posed studio photography in order for them to stay sound asleep for hours being posed. Lifestyle newborn photography encourages snuggles with mom and dad, swaddling, and being in the comfort of your home.  Between 6-12 days newborns tend to be sleepier for longer stretches so that is a wonderful time for these sessions. Infants older than 12 days may be more alert, but awake babies are so wonderful to photograph! The session tends to be a mix of sleepy snuggles and wide eyed alert moments soaking in their new world. 

Inside your home is where so many firsts will take place. Documenting your baby's very first days inside the walls they will grow up in is so special. It will give them a glimpse into a time their memory will not allow. 

Finnouala's Lifestyle Newborn Photography session featured below also included a Newborn Family Film. This film brings tears to my eyes listening to her Daddy sing to her and watching her Mama shower her in kisses while telling her she loves her. You can view the film and the still photographs from this Lifestyle Newborn Session below.

dad in hammock during at home lifestyle newborn photography ct
mom and dad with baby in yard. newborn photography ct
newborn baby in daddy's hands. ct newborn photographer
mom hoding newborn. baby photographer ct
lifestyle newborn photography in family's home
newborn girl snuggling dad. ct baby photography
baby in carrier with dad. newborn photography ct




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