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“Should I have a first look?” with Rebecca Lynne Photography, CT wedding photographer

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Couples have asked me this question several times since becoming a wedding photographer. It’s 2019 and things are different in the wedding world. Brides are ditching their veils, skipping the garter toss, swapping out cake for donuts… and having first looks!

So, what is a first look?
A “first look” is when a couple sees each other on their wedding day before their wedding ceremony. It is a private moment between the couple, away from the eyes of friends and family.
First looks are a great chance to soak up some intimate time together on your wedding day, but first looks aren’t for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you with your decision.

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Pro: Get those tears out of the way before the ceremony

I can’t guarantee that your wedding ceremony won’t have emotional moments, but by seeing each other in advance of the ceremony, you’ll have the opportunity to remove some of the stress, fears, jitters, and nerves before you walk down the isle. It will give you a chance to have an intimate moment before all eyes are on you during the ceremony.

Con: A first look may water down the experience of walking down the aisle

Memorialized in films and TV shows and even in our memories of others’ weddings, walking down the isle to greet an emotional partner is something many engaged couples have looked forward to. While a pre-ceremony first look doesn’t mean that you won’t walk down the aisle, it might make the moment a bit less emotional.

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Pro: Enjoy a private moment before wedding frenzy commences

While a wedding day is an occasion you want to share with your closest friends and family, the intimate moments of quiet with your love on your wedding day can be few and far between. A first look is definitely one of those intimate moments. Beyond being a time to see your beloved, it is an opportunity to share an embrace, get out the wedding day jitters, and even exchange gifts.

Con: Missing out on the first time you see each other being a part of the wedding ceremony

For some couples, the ritual of the wedding ceremony and greeting your partner at the end of the isle is as important a part of the ceremony as any other reading or symbolic activity that happens during the wedding. By choosing to skip a private, pre-ceremony first look, the moment when the couple meets for the first time on their wedding day becomes a part of their story that is shared with their beloved wedding guests.

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Pro: Get the most of your planned photo list out of the way before the ceremony

It’s not uncommon for the guests of honor at a wedding to miss out on an hour or so of the wedding reception or cocktail hour. Photos of the couple, their wedding party and immediate family often suck up a ton of time in the space between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. One of the benefits of choosing a first look—you can snag those very important shots before the ceremony even begins. This way you have the opportunity to actually enjoy cocktail hour with your guests, stress-free.

Con: You’ll have to be up and ready to rock much earlier on your wedding day

Since a first look essentially pushes up your wedding timeline by a few hours, couples who choose a first look will need to be completely finished with any pre-wedding getting ready or set up much earlier. If you or your partner aren’t early risers or have a tendency to run super late, this could pose a big problem. Passing on a first look could mean that you, your partner and your wedding squad get to sleep in a little and observe a more traditional wedding day schedule.

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So, do you think a first look on your wedding day is right for you?

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