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Decorating cookies with grandma, making pancakes in the kitchen, board games and pizza? What moments of your family’s now do you want to document to treasure for years to come.

In Home Sessions are perfect for chilly winter weekends, soaking up time with your family, while I am there to document all the love.

Learn more about in-home sessions below:

I understand the ache to want those dimples on their little fingers to stay forever, the way you hope they never outgrow grabbing your cheeks and nuzzling their nose with yours. But, as a mother myself...I also know that time doesn't slow down for any of us. Your kids grow and your heart over flows with new things to love every day. But you still ache for all the moments that have passed.

I would be honored to help you document these moments with your children, with YOU in the frame.

Family photographs serve as a time capsule, freezing your "now" to look back on years down the road. A photograph pulls you right back into that moment, the emotion and the sounds come flooding back, even when those tiny feet are now grown and roaming the world on their own.

What parts of your family's now do you want to document and treasure for years to come?
Baking cookies together in the kitchen?
Board games and pizza night?
Sunday morning pancakes with bedhead and jammies?
Snuggled up in bed with your sweet baby and playing with their favorite toys?

Before the Session:

We will spend some time planning the session through email or over the phone. What moments do you want to document? Is it your child's love of cooking or making art at the dinning room table? Snuggling up in bed with books? Your little babe standing in their crib, bedhead and all, reaching for you in the early hours of the morning? Once we decide what we are going to document, we will discuss what time of the day is best and pick a date!


What is the session like?

It is like a big ol' play date! No, really.  You spend timing doing things you love doing together, and I document it all. From lazy mornings with coffee and board games or legos, to cooking pancakes or baking cookies. It is all about documenting your life, at the stage you are right now. Whether that is pudgy little baby thighs crawling around the kitchen floor, or pizza and board game night with your tweens.

A session in your home is an amazing way to capture the way your life is right now. You and your family in your own space surrounded by all the things that make your family unique. 
Are you thinking "my home? have you seen the pile of laundry next to my bed? Mom of two over home isn't spotless (ever!) either. Tidy up your house as if you were having friends over. Shove the pile of laundry in the closest, toss the dishes into the dishwasher, and relax. We won't be focusing on every nook and cranny of your home. We can also venture into the yard.

My kid's mood changes 1,746 times day. What if they aren't behaving for our session?

I am pretty sure your idea of behaving and mine are different.
I am a Mama of two myself. Trust me, I get it.

But this is part of why I am absolutely in love about my style of photography.
There is no pressure. I am not expecting anyone to still and stare into my camera with a fake smile.
I encourage tickle wars and pillow fights. I am there right along side you Mamas, putting down my camera if someone needs a hug or help with their shoes.
Your children are getting your full attention and you are getting to love on your kiddos, all while doing activities that you enjoy.

i am worried my home isn’t photogenic

Inside the walls of your home is where so many family memories are made. It is the space your children will recall in their memory when they are grown, maybe with a family of their own, over and over again when they think of their childhood. It has so much mean.
And it SO does not need to be magazine worthy.
Take a walk up my stairs, there is a laundry basket sitting at the top that has been there long enough I am not sure if it is clean or dirty.
Your home does not need to be spotless. Toss those dishes in the dishwasher, shove that laundry basket in the closet…and go have a blast with your family! I promise I won’t be photographing the dust bunnies under your couch.

How should we dress for this type of session?

Like yourself! Whatever that means to you. Yoga pants and an over sized sweater, jeans and a flannel. Feel free to let the kids wear their favorite dinosaur shirt. You want to be comfortable and feel like yourselves.

I put together a few images on a Pinterest board of clothing examples if you'd like to take a look here


What happens after the session?

Within a few days from our session I will post a couple of sneak peek images on social media (if you'd like). I love the peek into your gallery that this provides (and I know how anxious you are to see them as well!)  About three weeks after your session, you receive an online password protected gallery to view your digital images. 

I would love to chat with you about documenting YOUR story
























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