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Westbrook CT Baby Photography | 9 Months Old

9 month old CT baby photography session

These moments and memories are so important to document.

Those little fingers reaching for snacks won't always have those sweet dimples. Someday your home won't be covered in brightly colored toys lighting up and filling the living room with music. Someday your pup won't have a little one to help clean up after. 

This sunny morning was all about Baby. Starting with snack time with his pup Pelham, eating puffs and slices of cheese. I just love his little feet kicking away in his highchair. Can we talk about those dimples??

After snack we moved to some playtime on Mom and Dad's bed. He is just starting to get the hang of crawling and does a lot of scooting backwards, all with the biggest smile.

We spent some time in the nursery surrounded by all things Baby. It's crazy to think that some day the mobile and stuffed animals will be packed away. Maybe replaced by dinosaurs or ocean critters. 

I could just eat up his little thighs. Look at those pudgy knees! 

Then it was on to bath time in the kitchen sink. I just love how babies fit so perfect in there. Splashing away. He certainly seemed to love it!

Here are a few of my favorite moments from this In Home Storytelling Session :|: 9 months old:

Photographing infants in Connecticut is such an amazing experience. Babies grow and learn so fast and I love documenting these moments for parents.