Life doesn't happen in a studio.. it happens in our homes, on our city streets and at our favorite parks

Your everyday life is beautiful.

I am passionate about bringing the art of lifestyle photography to families all across CT

What is Lifestyle Photography ?

Lifestyle photography is simply capturing your life as it really is. It's about telling your story, full of emotion, and preserving the tiny details that make up your everyday moments. A lifestyle session is an unposed and care-free adventure wherever you enjoy spending time with the ones you love most. It's all about just being yourself and having fun - because your family is perfect just the way they are!


Family Photography


Family sessions should be should be relaxed and fun. Filled with lots of laughs, big bear hugs, kisses and snuggles. 


Maternity Photography


Document this part of your journey with your partner while you're both anticipating the arrival of your sweet baby.


Newborn Photography


Kick off your shoes in the comfort of your own home, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and love on that sweet baby.


Couples Photography


Whether you're celebrating the start of your new journey or honoring the milestone of a lifelong relationship, your love story deserves to be documented.


“Rebecca is very talented and you will quickly see that she clearly loves what she does. We are so thankful to have found such a great person and photographer.

Lauren Clinton, CT