Rebecca Lynne Photography | Films

Your story - in motion. 

Imagine being able to press play and re-live a day in your childhood. Being able to see the house you lived in, see the moment a smile spreads across your Mother's face, and feel that love again. 

Film Sessions are perfect for capturing your Newborn, their little baby yawns, arms stretching out, kisses from Mommy.
They are perfect for Milestones such as crawling, first steps, and birthdays.
And even every day moments spent with your family baking cookies, fishing in a pond, making smores around the fire and so, so much more!

Movement makes your story come alive right before your eyes. The twirl of your daughter's dress, the way a smile spreads across your partner's face when they catch your eye from across the room,
chubby baby knees bending and bouncing on your lap.
The sweet moments of your life, captured with motion the way it cannot be captured in still photographs alone. 

What memories do you want to capture and look back on when your children are grown?

Your film session will also include still photographs for you to print and treasure for generations to come.


CT Family and Newborn photographer, Rebecca Lynne, is an on location professional photographer specializing in Child Photography and Baby Photography in and around Connecticut, Located in Middlesex County and also serving Hartford County, New Haven County, Fairfield County and all surrounding areas.