Family Photography & Films

Do you remember those fun home movies from when you were little? You know, the ones where you’re heading out for your first day of school, doing some crazy dance moves in the kitchen or jumping on the bed?

Have you ever watched them now that you're an adult and seen your parents in a new light? Noticing the way their mouths moved when they smile or the way they scooped you up into their arms? Now you can give that to your children, by getting into a family film yourself right along side them, to pass down to your children for generations to come. Give your children the opportunity savor all the little details of their life in motion –how their tiny fingers picked berries from the bush, the way they threw their head back when they laughed as Daddy tickled them.

It is your turn to capture those moments for your family and it is time for us to give home videos a makeover.

Will I have still photographs to print after this session in addition to my Family Film?

Yes, yes, yes! Your film session will include high resolution digital images available for download, with a print release to print at your lab of choice or with the lab connected to your online gallery of digital images, in addition to your family film. 

What should we do for the session?

Let's discuss it! What do you enjoying doing together? Baking cookies, playing board games, hiking through the forest, collecting wildflowers in a field, or taking the pup for a walk while the kids ride their bikes? What speaks to your heart when you think about watching your film years down the road? What do you want your children to remember about their childhood?

Newborn Sessions are spent enjoying all of your first moments with your sweet baby. Snuggling in bed, practicing your swaddling skills, spending time in the nursery. A little glimpse into your new world.

I am not sure if I want to do the session in my home or outside. What do you suggest?

A session in your home is an amazing way to capture the way your life is right now. You and your family in your own space surrounded by all the things that make your family unique. 
Are you thinking "my home? have you seen the pile of laundry next to my bed? Mom of two over home isn't spotless (ever!) either. Tidy up your house as if you were having friends over. Shove the pile of laundry in the closest, toss the dishes into the dishwasher, and relax. We won't be focusing on every nook and cranny of your home. We can also venture into the yard.

We can also take a trip to an outdoor location your family loves to frequent. Take the pup for a walk to your favorite park. Hike through the forest. Visit a local ice cream shop.

How long do these sessions last?

That depends on the activity and style we are documenting we are documenting.
Lifestyle Short Film + Photo Sessions are 60-90 minutes. Photographing and filming your family with a candid and relaxed approach to traditional family photography. Hugging, your daughter twirling in the sunlight, quietly reading a book snuggled in bed. Family moments without the pressure of posing for the camera. Lifestyle Short Film + Photo Sessions focus on still photographs with a shorter family film. A typical session has 30+ fully edited final images and a 1 minute short film.
Storytelling Full Film + Photo Sessions are 2-3 hours. Photographing and filming your family with a documentary style approach while your family does an activity you enjoy. Board games, baking, pool and sprinkler in the back yard, taking the dog for a walk at your favorite park and grabbing ice cream. Storytelling Full Film + Photo Sessions focus on a family film with fewer still photographs. A typical session has 10 fully edited final images and a 3-5 minute full family film.

Will we need to be looking at the camera a lot?

My style of photography and film isn't the same as sitting still in a studio in front of a white backdrop while a photographer says "look here! over here!" while squeaking toys to grab their attention. You're able to relax and focus on spending time together as a family, doing activities you enjoy. Being yourself and spending time together as a family, I am merely there to document your moments. There will be times where I fade into the background quietly observing and there may also be times where I say "now tickle Dad!" or "jump and spin!" 
I encourage family interaction and connection rather than everyone focusing on my camera.