- These days are filled with so many firsts and so much love just waiting to be documented -

In-Home Newborn Sessions

I believe the comfort of your own home is the perfect location for photographing your new little love. It is the space you just brought them home to, your tiny new baby in their great big new world. "Home" Inside these walls are where so many memories will be created and so many "firsts" will take place. The decore in your living room, the quilt on your bed, and the nursery you spent hours planning and prepping are all part of your story. Of your baby's story.
In home newborn sessions also allow you to have everything you need during your photography session, right on hand without having to pack up baby and a great big bag.

Kick off your shoes in the comfort of your own home, grab yourself a cup of coffee (or 2), and love on that sweet baby.

I will take care of the rest.

There is no need for stiff posing or props, your baby is beautiful just how they are.
Snuggled in your arms and sprawled out on your great big bed.

Fresh 48 Birth Space Sessions

The first 48 hours after birth are like nothing else.
These first hours fly by faster than you could ever imagine.

Freeze these first moments with your sweet baby to be treasured for years to come.
Every moment is overflowing with brand new love as your newborn experiences the first hours in their new world with you.

Fresh 48 Sessions capture these first moments with your new baby. The tiniest hospital bracelets, winkled face and impossibly small toes. Your brand new love curled up safely in your arms.