Documentary Photography Session with Rebecca Lynne Photography

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Documentary Photography - what is it?

Documentary photography is the love language unique to your family. There is no other family like yours. It's your everyday rituals, dance parties, and quiet walks. It's Friday night pizza and board games and Sunday morning pancakes with everyone piled in the kitchen. It's the moments when you catch your partner's eyes across the room, in the midst of an ordinary moments but think "wow, our life is good."

As your photographer I want to capture the true and honest moments of your life. The moments that don't just look pretty in frame, but speak volumes about your love language. A piece of your story, frozen in time.

It's real life -- and you don't get much more beautiful than that.

Rebecca Lynne Photography Documentary Sessions:

These sessions can take place in your home. Documenting an activity that you enjoy doing together.
Close your eyes. Think of being in your home with your family. What is everyone up to? Are you making coffee on a lazy Sunday morning and snuggling up on the couch? Are you in the kitchen, flour dusting the counters, baking muffins with a toddler eager to lick the spoon? Is your husband sitting across from you, head thrown back mid laugh after winning an epic game of cards while the kids beg for another round?

Documentary sessions can also take place outside of your home. Fishing at the lake. A trip to your local doughnut shop. When you family has an entire Saturday to spend together, what do you find yourselves doing together?

Your real life moments, spent with the ones you love the most are what I am eager to photograph.

  • But my house is so cluttered:

No, your house is your home. Who's home is magazine ready? I know mine sure isn't. I have a laundry basket sitting at the top of my stairs just outside my bedroom door that is been there long enough that I have forgotten if its clean or dirty. I should probably go take care of that.

There are going to be toys on the floor. I bet we will unmake any bed you made that morning. There will be snacks on the counter and cups in the sink. This is life! And it is OK!

Tidy up. Shove that laundry basket in a closet. Rinse those cups. But please, don't scrub baseboards and wash curtains before I come over.
The focus is documenting your family. Your love for each other is what will be filling my camera frame.

These sessions can also take place outside of your home.
Let's take a trip to your local ice cream shop. Or to your cafe on Main Street. 
Where do you enjoy spending time together? 

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  • My kid's mood changes 1,746 times day. What if they aren't behaving for our session? Also, my husband turns into an awkward robot in front of the camera, help!

Kids are kids. And I am pretty sure your idea of behaving and mine are different.
I am a Mama of two myself. One is pre teen and my other is a tad younger (strong willed and super opinionated. But also THE best snuggler out of all of us)
Also, my husband. Oh my loving, amazing, patient husband. If he knows there is a camera in the room and it's turned on all of his awkward comes out. If I ask him to pose with the kid's he ends up doing this pose where he is stiff as a board with his head tilted up and to slightly the side with a hand on his hip. We like to call it his "Captain of a Ship" pose.
Trust me, I get it.
But this is part of why I am absolutely in love with documentary photography sessions.
There is no pressure. I am not expecting anyone to sit still and stare into my camera. There is no posing. It is your real, unfiltered life, amazing life.

  • How should we dress for this type of session?
documentary photography west hartford, connecticut family photographer 

I love a laid back look for documentary sessions. Feel free to let the kids wear their favorite dinosaur shirt. Your every day clothes are perfect. If you wouldn't walk around your home in a button down shirt, no need to wear it for this session.
I put together a few images on a Pinterest board of clothing examples if you'd like to take a look: What to Wear Documentary Photography Session

Rebecca Lynne Photography  is a CT documentary photographer,  specializing in ct baby photography, ct maternity photography, ct family photography, and ct engagement photography throughout all of Connecticut. Please visit Rebecca Lynne Photography on Facebook and Instagram to see more work.

During Our Session:

When we meet for our session, I like to chat and ( and play with any kiddos that are joining in) for a bit before I begin shooting.  Once everyone is more familiar with each other I will begin photographing.

With all of my documentary sessions, I am a fly on the wall. We will have already picked what it is you're looking to document with your loved ones and I will be there to capture it all. 
I never want you to feel pressured to perform or be forced to give me fake smiles.

Don't be surprised if I make a comment about trying to not pay attention to the lady with the camera. It might take a few moments to get used to, but once you focus on enjoying time with your loved ones it will be easy. 
You will leave our session feeling like you just had a fun afternoon with your family, and a photographer happened to be there to capture timeless moments for you.
I can't count how many times parents have contacted me after their session to tell me their kids keep asking for me to come back. Or thanking me for how easy and stress free their photography session was. 

After Our Session:

Within a few days from our session I will post a couple of sneak peek images on social media. I love the peek into your gallery that this provides (and I know how anxious you are to see them as well!) 
Within three weeks from our session, your images will be fully edited for you to view in an online password protected gallery. From there you download your high resolution images for printing at your print lab of choice.
You also have the option of ordering a la carte prints, canvas', and photo gifts straight from your gallery, from a professional, high quality printing lab.
If you are opting to print your images at another print lab other than the one connected to your gallery, I strongly suggest you do research into finding one with high quality to ensure you get the most out of your investment.
High quality prints is an extremely important part of this process.
As mentioned, the print lab connected right to your gallery is a print lab used by professionals all over the globe. Is is the print lab I personally use for all of my own family's printing needs. I have even taken the extra step and submitted my own images to ensure the printing lab is calibrated to be in sync with my photography editing software to get color correct prints in high quality. 

Along with your high resolution images you will receive lower resolution images perfectly sized for social media sharing. Those social media sized images will also be in a personalized smartphone app for you to download and have access to your gallery right from your phone! Perfect for social media sharing along with showing off your gallery right from your phone while you are out with friends and family.